Where we are - Bed and Breakfast in Cagliari, Antica Torre the B&B in the heart of Castello district, Via Genovesi 81

Via Dei Genovesi, 81
09124 Cagliari, Sardegna - Italia

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Welcome to Cagliari

If you are landed at the Cagliari Elmas Airport, you can reach ourl'Antica Torre B&B simply and quickly by train,  taxi or car.

By Train

Take the shuttle train from the Airport Railway Station to the Cagliari Central Station (FS) placed in Giacomo Matteotti’s Square. It takes only 6 minutes travelling. The cost for the ticket is euro1.25 per person. The frequency is 1 train/20 minutes from 5.00 A.M. to 21.00 P.M.
The complete timetable is available on the Trenitalia web site: www.trenitalia.com

By taxi

In front of the terminal, at the ground and the first floor, there are many taxi companies available. The cost for transport from the Airport to the center of Cagliari is between euro 18 and 22:

  • Cooperativa Radio Taxi “Quattro Mori” -  Tel. 070 – 400101 (h24)
  • Cooperativa Radio Taxi “Rossoblù” - Tel. 070 – 6655 (dalle 05.30 alle 02.30)

By car

After leaving the terminal, take de S.S.130 towards Cagliari, at the next junction, take the S.S.195 towards: Pula, Cagliari centro-porto (harbor) and get out at the second exit towards Cagliari centro-porto (harbor) Viale La Playa. Go through all the boulevard that runs on the harbor's side and you'll arrive in Giacomo Matteotti's Square and in Roma's Street. At the traffic lights turn left and drive until the end of Largo Carlo Felice, at the roundabout take the 1st exit onto Via Santa Margherita, then turn left onto Via San Giorgio, turn right towards Via Ospedale, and finally continue onto Via Giovanni Porcell, you're now in Via Dei Genovesi.

Welcome to the Cagliari’s city centre, you are very close to the l'Antica Torre B&B, so you can take a walk to reach us, or get on the bus.

By feet from the railway station and from the harbor

Leaving behind you Giacomo Matteotti’s square and the railway station, go up Carlo Felice’s Boulevard and reach Jenne’s Square, get through the square taking the right side until you reach the stairs and the ramps to the Castello’s district, if you have baggages, you can get on the elevators.
Pass under the medieval gate and go straight ahead crossing the small San Giuseppe’s square along San Giuseppe’s street until the end of it.
Now you are in Genovesi’s street, turn left and 50 meters ahead, you have reached our l'Antica Torre B&B.

By bus

In front of the railway station (Giacomo Matteotti’s square) get on the bus number 8 or 8A, the bus frequency is about 1 bus/12 minutes, the travel time is about 10 minutes, the cost of the ticket is euro 1,20, and get off at the bus stop of Via Porcell angolo Via dei Genovesi, now enter in the old city along the street that goes downhill. Approximately 100 meters you have reached the l'Antica Torre B&B.

Pay attention: you have to buy the ticket before getting on the bus.

You can take also the shuttle bus n°7 from Jenne’s square,the bus frequency is about 1 bus/25 minutes, it is a small city bus, that crosses the old districts of Marina, Stampace and Villanova. Get off at the bus stop of Via Porcell angolo Via dei Genovesi


The Castello’s district is a limited traffic zone (ZTL), the gates are guarded by cameras, and is forbidden to get in by car all the days from 24.00 P.M. to 9.00 A.M. In this period is also forbidden to park the car inside if you aren’t resident.
I advise you to park your car in one of the two public parkings placed at the basis of the City’s fortress, and take the elevators to reach it.

Outside Parking of Cammino Nuovo’s Street, pay toll from 9.00 A.M. to 13.00 P.M. and from 16.00 P.M. to 20.00 P.M, the price is euro 0.50 for the first hour, euro 1.00 every next hour.
Covered Parking APCOA of Regina Elena’s Boulevard,Tel 0706848960 / 3400628149, pay toll from the 1st to the 4th hour € 1.50/hour. Leaving the car parked all day (without moving) the maximum price is euro 6.00.€ 25,00 weekly rate.